"Many of my members and clients have asked me for recommendations, for various kinds of services and products for Real Estate Investors. There are a lot of good resources you can tap into, but please be advised, I don't give recommendations lightly. I have to either have used the Real Estate Investing Resource myself or on rare occasions, had direct experience from a trusted colleague."

"If you have need for a particular resource not listed here, please email me and I will add a link where necessary. Check back frequently as this page will change and improve over time."


Wealth Building Secrets of a Real Estate Rebel Home-Study Course - Scott Britton swears under oath that none of the Wealth Building Secrets he will reveal to you in his NEW AND IMPROVED Home Study Course are illegal, immoral or fattening. These are the sophisticated secrets anybody can use to build Real Wealth, guaranteed! These techniques can improve the lives of you and your family. Information you can trust at a price you can afford. Don’t miss out!

Sure-Fire Quick Start Guide for Real Estate Success! - An easy-to-follow guide anyone can use to get started fast... profitably buying, selling and investing in single family homes! If you are confused about where to begin... dissatisfied with your present results... or just want to take your business to the next level, this course is for you! Get your copy today. You won't be disappointed!

Mega Profits with Short Sales - Home Study Course - This course will show you exactly how to add thousands of extra dollars to your bottom line by adding Short Sales to your buying arsenal. Not only will it show you how to develop an eye for Short Sale opportunities (opportunities which are always present, but sadly most investors never learn to recognize), it will also give you the tools and strategies you needed to capitalize on these Short Sale opportunities in the quickest and most efficient way...

Learn To Search Title - This course will take you from beginning to end of a full title exam using text, audio, video, and images. Take an address to the local county deed record room and follow the easy steps. Within minutes you will be on your way to conducting a Real Estate Title Search. Deeds, Mortgages, Liens, Judgments, Probate, Easements, and more are all covered in this comprehensive training course. Online course complete with downloads to take to the record room to use as reference. When you complete this course you will have the knowledge to work for an attorney or title company as a Real Estate Title Abstractor. Need help during your training? This course offers FREE access to an experienced instructor to make sure you understand each step of the title search process. Do you buy foreclosures? Then you cannot afford to miss out on the information included in this course! Within minutes you will be able to conduct a current owner search and have all the vital information concerning your property. Be armed with the information you need to make a sound decision. Stop paying for a title search that you could easily do yourself.


The Best Real Estate Investing Newsletter on the Planet! - If you want practical money-making investing advice from someone who has been successfully buying, selling and investing in Real Estate and Notes and Mortgages for the last 26 years, then you owe it to yourself to check www.RealEstateSuccess.com the "How To" online newsletter designed specifically for the Real Estate Entrepreneur! I guarantee you'll make money with this. Click the link below


www.URLZOO.com - This is the site I use to buy and manage all of my Domain Names (url's). Dirt cheap domain names. Lots of other services available. There is a tremendous advantage to using one site like this one for all of your domain name needs. Use one site. Use this one!

www.InstantInvestorSites.com - The quickest and easiest way to set up a website for Real Estate Investors! Not longer do you need to be a geek to set up or maintain your website(s). This is drop dead easy. Plus, there is a back office that insures you will follow-up with all the leads you generate. Online help and tutorials makes this the best system for websites on the internet. For a limited time... they are waiving the $497 fee for my subscribers (making this a virtually FREE Investor website). All you have to do is pay the monthly maintenance fee. 30 day money back guarantee! Try it today! This is the system I personally use manage multiple investor niche websites.

RoboForm (TM) - Put your passwords on speed dial. Log into websites automatically. Save an unlimited number of passwords. Fast and amazingly easy to youe. Fills long registrations and checkout forms with one click. Generates random passwords that hackers cannot guess. Encrypts your passwords to achieve complete secutity. This is a great inexpensive program! Try it for FREE!

RoboForm: Learn more...

RoboForm2Go (TM) - Plug your USB key with RoboForm2Go on it into any computer, anywhere in the world. RoboForm2Go (TM) memorizes your passwords and bookmarks and logs you into online accounts automatically. Fills long resistration and checkout forms too. Pull out your USB key and No traces of RoboForm2Go are left on the computer. Try if for FREE!

One Shopping Cart - complete online shopping cart software system that instantly connects to both your website and merchant account to start taking orders within minutes of signing up! Multiple Autoresponders allow you to effortlessly follow up sales and leads, manage your mailing lists and build repeat business. Pro Package includes Affiliate Tracking Software plus a super, highly profitable eBook Delivery System which allows your customers to download your Ebook immediately following their purchase. Take advantage of the fastes, easiest and most economical way to increase the selling power of your website. 30-day test drive for a measly $3.95!

Infusion CRM Software - Unlike any other CRM software available on the market today, Infusion CRM is a comprehensive, active CRM built specifically for marketers, entrepreneurs and successful small businesses that recognize marketing and automation are necessary to growing quickly and profitably. Infusion Software liberates and empowers small businesses by putting their marketing, sales, and customer service on auto-pilot. Their web-based software, called Infusion CRM, centralizes, organizes and automates lead generation, lead conversion and client fulfillment for small businesses who are tired of dealing with a hodge-podge of incompatible software programs and manual grunt labor. Check out their Demo by clicking on the link below!


John Schaub's 2008 All-Star Conference - May 1, 2, 3, & 5 Las Vegas - Having trouble selling? Paying too much in taxes? Bankers giving you fits? Tired of paying for a seminar and getting a sales pitch? Come get real answers to your questions and learn what's working today from the country's topinvestors who practice what they teach. No sales pitches - Four exicting days of real world advice from the best minds in the business. Ideas you can use immediately to make more money! Click here to download more information

Matt Scott's Private Money Bootcamp - Would you like to know how to fund all the Houses, Land Apartmetns and Commercial Real Estate you want to buy, build or develop without Banks, Brokers, Hard Money Lenders, Commercial Brokers or Credit Checks? Then you need to attend Matt Scott's Private Money Bootcamp. I've even arranged a special discount and bonus for you. For more information visit Matt Scott's Private Money Bootcamp and register online or call Angel @ 866-420-8282 and tell her you want the "Scott Britton Special". Because I think everyone should attend this event, I'm going to give you a bonus for registering. Sign up now and I'll throw in a copy of The Creative Real Estate Investor's Guide to Bookkeeping by George Yeiter at no extra charge. If you don't have a copy of this valuable book, it's costing you wads of money!


Financial Planning Toolkit - Total know-how for your financial future. This web site is dedicated to you and your financial future. It's free, there's nothing to buy, and it's brought to you by a team of finance and business professionals with decades of experience.

Financial Calculators - Every type of financial calculator you could ever dream of.

The Best Real Estate Investing Newsletter on the Planet! - If you want practical money-making investing advice from someone who has been successfully buying, selling and investing in Real Estate and Notes and Mortgages for the last 26 years, then you owe it to yourself to check www.RealEstateSuccess.com the "How To" online newsletter designed specifically for the Real Estate Entrepreneur! I guarantee you'll make money with this. Click the link below

Ebay - If you are not a member of Ebay, you should be. Click below to sign up. Ebay is a great source for not only Properties, but all kinds of books, office supplies and office equipment. I always use ebay after making a decision on a product I am interested in. Ebay has new and used items for sell.


3 F*R*E*E Issues of the "University of Real Estate Letter" - Sign up for my "Real Estate Success Tips" Ezine and I'll send you 3 Issues of my monthly "University of Real Estate Letter" absolutely F*R*E*E. If you don't like it you can cancel at any time (but I really don't think you can afford to).


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www.StartSendingCards.com - This is the online greeting card company I use to create automated direct mail campaigns and relationship marketing campaigns using greeting cards and postcards. I can send anyone a single or series of greeting cards or postcards in my own handwriting with my own signature via 1st Class Mail without touching anything but my keyboard (virtually from anywhere in the world). Includes a great contact management feature with groups and the ability to upload lists easily. This is my secret weapon! I use the “Entrepreneurial” package which includes the most features and the cheapest per piece pricing.


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Reading for Real Estate Investors - See which books I think every Real Estate Investor should have on their bookshelf.


ere Pacific Heights - Ever a had neighbor from hell? You know, the one who never cleans, makes too much noise at night with his jigsaw, and breeds cockroaches and pumps them into your apartment? Never have? Well, pump up your paranoia with this outlandish if mildly enjoyable thriller starring Melanie Griffith and Matthew Modine as San Francisco yuppies-cum-landlords who rent out an apartment in their Pacific Heights house to mild-mannered Michael Keaton in order to make the mortgage payment. What seems like a happy arrangement all around turns hellish when: (a) Keaton refuses to pay the rent; (b) firmly entrenches himself in the apartment thanks to some legal maneuvering; and (c) starts playing with the cockroaches. Ostensibly, Keaton wants to drive Griffith and Modine to bankruptcy and then pick up their fab Victorian house for cheap, but as is the way of all thrillers, he's got a sadistic and homicidal bent to back up his real-estate envy. Director John Schlesinger (Midnight Cowboy) manipulates the thrills somewhat effectively, if not gratuitously, especially with Griffith's damsel-in-distress character, turning on the tension in the don't-go-to-the-attic/garage/basement set pieces. Part of the problem of the film lies in its schizophrenic tone: one moment it's a what's-in-the-dark? thriller, at other times a nifty cat-and-mouse game of psychological wills between Keaton and his landlords. Both sides of the movie are effective in their own right, and Keaton is a great psycho, but Schlesinger doesn't quite bring it together, despite a considerably amped-up climax. Still,if the sight of a beautiful house being slowly destroyed is your idea of the ultimate horror, you'll be chilled to the bone.
The Money Pit - Steven Spielberg produced this underwhelming 1986 effort at a slapstick spin on Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House. The pre-Oscar Tom Hanks stars with Shelley Long as a married couple whose efforts to finish construction on their home are sabotaged by costly and sporadically funny accidents. The unfinished domicile becomes a metaphor for their troubled relationship, as evidenced by Long's character's attraction to a madman violinist (Alexander Godunov).
Catch Me If You Can - An enormously entertaining (if somewhat shallow) affair from blockbuster director Steven Spielberg. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Frank Abagnale, Jr., a dazzling young con man who spent four years impersonating an airline pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer--all before he turned 21. All the while he's pursued by a dedicated FBI agent named Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks), whose dogged determination stays one step behind Abagnale's spontaneous wits. Both DiCaprio and Hanks turn in enjoyable performances and the movie has a bouncy rhythm that keeps it zipping along.
Glengarry Glen Ross - Like moths to a flame, great actors gravitate to the singular genius of playwright-screenwriter David Mamet, who updated his Pulitzer Prize-winning play for this all-star screen adaptation. The material is not inherently cinematic, so the movie's greatest asset is Mamet's peerless dialogue and the assembly of a once-in-a-lifetime cast led by Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, and Alec Baldwin (the last in a role Mamet created especially for the film). Often regarded as a critique of the Reagan administration's impact on the American economy, the play and film focus on a competitive group of real estate salesmen who've gone from feast to famine in a market gone cold. When an executive "motivator" (Alec Baldwin) demands a sales contest among the agents in the cramped office, the stakes are critically high: any agent who fails to meet his quota of sales "leads" (i.e., potential buyers) will lose his job. This intense ultimatum is a boon for the office superstar (Pacino), but a once-successful salesman (Lemmon) now finds himself clinging nervously to faded glory. Political and personal rivalries erupt under pressure when the other agents (Alan Arkin, Ed Harris) suspect the office manager (Kevin Spacey) of foul play. This cauldron of anxiety, tension, and sheer desperation provides fertile soil for Mamet's scathingly rich dialogue, which is like rocket fuel for some of the greatest actors of our time.

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