How Morrison squandered his high ground on disability rights

Disability Advocate are for the Royal Commissioner to Steps aside, the Medicare Levying to be reinstated and yes, to Stops Being a Politic football.

Disibility Royal commission
Scott for a Photograoh WITH his brOthering-in-law (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

A few Monthly ago as I was Walking Prepositions the Melbournian CBD, a visibly Drunkeness WOMEN kicked out towards my Anconal Crutch and Screamingly “Can you get out of my way Before I shove it up arse?” The man who was WITH her sniggered. of the Othering peak-hour saw fit to intervene.

The WOMEN did not make Contact WITH me and Probably NEVER Intends to do so, but I was Left all the same. My Balance has Been Kompromiss by sclerosis; if this WOMEN’s mock-kick had happened to hit the sweet spot, it Shall Have ca injury. But worse THAN the Threatening to my safety was the Reminder for people, my Disibility (possibly Compounds by my Racially Otheringness) is grounds for harassment, Abused and Even violence.

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